Tuesday, October 08, 2002

The Violence and the Glory 10.8.02

Again, I am in need of inspiration.

Maggie passed along some info for a writing contest... with no real prizes beyond the knowledge that you have done something silly with your month. The idea? November is National Writing Month.

I have a plan. I am going to revisit a few ideas, slap on all together, cover them with two coats of slick dialogue and link it with some platitudes on the human condition and say that it all works together. If Todd Solondz can do it, well, so can I? Right?

Here is your mission, fair readers. Plot ideas. For the novel you wish someone would write. Make it trashy, ridiculous, inane, bizarre. Think of two kids kissing violently, of wars that happen on suburban blocks, farmers obsessed with the word gulag, horses high on turpentine, the adventure of toenails past.

I wish to be inspired by your goofiest. And I won't bite your idea. If that happens, I promise you a dinner deep in Vegas as we head for a second round of hard gambling on my fiction writing dimes.

Let your inertia be your guide. Be my inspiration! That means you, well-read Holiday.

Email me! I will tell you more about my ideas... probably in the NEXT blog.

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