Tuesday, October 01, 2002

Those dirty little shits in the Mets front office, Phillips and Wilpon, have fired Bobby Valentine from his post as manager of the NY Mets. Like it's his fault they brought some crap in. How can you make a free swinging .210 hitter good? How about your franchise player having an off year? Maybe they need a new voice, maybe they'll make fewer errors, maybe the inmates will be run out of the asylum-- Rey Ordonez, don't call the paying customers stupid, okay?

But I'll be sad to see the scheming, duplicitous Bobby V, the same man with the restaurants, the same man who squeezes wins out of a team that never has enough horses to compete no matter what the payroll is... it's sad to see him go. Instead of General Manager Steve Phillips, the man who can't bring elite pitchers in but sends decent major leaguers out. If you'd like you can watch a couple of them today-- Terrence Long (starting center fielder, all year) and Erik Hiljus (sometimes starting pitcher) of the A's, Darren Bragg and Matt Franco with the Braves; jason Isringhausen (All-Star closer for the Cardinals); Kevin Appier (second starter for the Anaheim Angels), et cetera.

Sometimes he gets decent major leaguers back (Mo Vaughn for Appier). And sometimes he gets Billy Taylor, a 40-year old middle reliever, for Terrence Long and some other player, perhaps Hiljus. Taylor pitched maybe twice and the look of horror on Mets' fans and Mets' players said it all. That was the end.

More later. For fuck's sake, I should be at school.

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