Friday, October 25, 2002

I Wrote My Hit Single All By My Lonely 10.25.02

How is your hit single doing?

1. after my appearance on American Idol, quite well. but i still don't know what i'm singing.

2. ohmigod CarsonDalyissocuuute!

3. since it accurately reflects the gun clapping reality of hustling to make a buck, it's #1 on my hot 9-7.

4. it's been incorporated into breezy and hip car commercial.

5. yo, the shit's so underground, you can only get it on mix tapes sold in the subway. i'll be on the manhattan bound a-train at 7.30 am from euclid.

6. it annoys my parents, friends, children, baby mommas, and my two princes to the point that they no longer speak to me.

7. it flopped. like when i drink too much whisky...

8. dirrrty, like ms aguilera.

9. it got my girlfriend closer to bret michaels of poison and she's no longer my girlfriend.

10. excellent! on saskatchewan public radio.

11. the neptunes are in the lab with it as we speak.

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