Thursday, October 17, 2002

Ten More 10.17.02

1. Birds of Prey is possibly the worst semi-cool superhero show I have ever seen. And I say this after seeing Shemar "Huh?" Moore and Ashley Scott (who plays the Huntress) sweating in a sauna, their clothes conveniently shed for comfort.

2. So, G-Dubs, homie, president, and the gentle simian smile that leads our nation through these new days of prosperity-- are we worried about Saddam, Saddam, Saddam (to the tune of Marcia, Marcia, Marcia) or are we worried about this Al Qaeda network that we are supposed to be committed to subduing, over the long haul? Just a question. I just want to know who I'm worried about when the amber alert goes NY Mets orange.

3. Does anyone know that elections are coming up for something or other? When do these elections happen anyway?!

4. Speaking of elections, let's talk about this week's man of the people, running as the extra candidate in the NY State elections. Tom Golisano. I appreciate the fact that he actually put an interesting ad up-- did you know medical marijuana is legal here? Well, that's what Tommy Golly tells me on the television.

5. Why was I watching Birds of Prey? Fastlane was on. And it's on tonight also. There are good books to read, the Russian Debutante's Handbook being my current non-school book. Instead I marvel at the horrendous dialogue. Is she still talking?

6. So, where was this "N'or'easter," such a hell of a storm that it requires weathermen to cower in fear, put their drama faces on, and drop consonants from their communications school taught speak-- in Nebraska accents of course? I mean, super fucking yawn. There was some falling mist, some wind, but nothing to make me think I was suddenly dumped in Newfoundland or anything. Nothing like the great ice storms of 1994. Yeah, those were the days, kids, sliding on my ass over those 18 miles to school...

7. No, really, it's like 18 miles to school!

8. Yeah, it's more on the bus and subway. But still! Oh, shut your trap and kiss my grits.

9. What? You wanted wisdom? I have midterms I'm not studying for-- ooh, Georgia Tech vs. Maryland!!

10. Oh. My. God. I have been whitewashed. I just turned on Friends and I found some of it hilarious! GOD HELP ME

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