Thursday, October 31, 2002

Eyes Red, Shirt Orange 10.31.02

Keep this isht bookmarked, yo. This will be the site for my Nanowrimo novel, Walking After Midnight.

The incomparable Redman said "If your lame ass can't feel it then your cord's unplugged."

I welcome suggestions, impressions, commentary. Send it to your friends, they need something to read. I'll make it easy and use english words but not so easy you zone out on the likes. I promise it won't read like the crop of urban fiction spawned by Sex In the City crumb-snatching ho-bags. I promise to eulogize Jam Master Jay. I promise to kick it up a notch. Again, I promise you fisticuffs, big love, duplicity, psychoses, solitary characters, Ohio farmland, good sex, Now & Laters, talk shows, puffy coats and timberlands;

I promise you Chicago and Pittsburgh and the Brooklyn Bridge;

I have the audacity to not mention 9-11;

I will massage your toes.

I can also promise you that I will be celibate like the monks deep in the french Alps, concentrating only on that which will make my readers happy.

There will also be pine nuts.

Come on a magic carpet ride with me. Whattaya say? What? Say that isht to my face, yo.

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