Saturday, October 19, 2002

A Man Of High Mind 10.19.02

Personal note. I do not like midterms anymore. No longer are they a dirty backdrop to the sparkle of good times nor are they a measure of quick thinking. Now, they give me headaches-- I'm old.

Personal note. While I should have been studying I was watching Boise Sate vs. Fresno State, on Boise's blue turf. Good fun! There was an episode of the 5th Wheel. There was half of the X-Men cartoon Evolution. Pico should have worked on his crib sheet. But at least everyone else was in the room for a good long time also...

Personal note. The best place to scope out young liberal minded women might be's career fairs. My head was on a swivel yesterday as I roamed the conference center at Baruch College with my friend Jenna. She's known me since I was 13, she expects the infantile leering. Oh, but it was good. Mostly women, and many of them pretty and young. But not too young. Not like juvenile. Oh no. Stop looking at the screen like that. I'm not a dirtball.

There were interesting companies there, too.

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