Tuesday, October 22, 2002

Knickercrockers 10.22.02

Here’s my question-- why can’t the Knicks ever find any of these guys? This is a list of tall people, recent draftees, late-blooming European players, youthful warriors that people find because they spend time looking for cost-effective players who can contribute in some facet of the game. These are the guys who make your team competitive, the guys that fans come to see.

We’ve got Shandon Anderson and Howard Eisley for 6 years. No talent ass-clowns. Shouldn’t NBA guards be able to either “shoot” or “slash?”

I want an explanation for that, not how a spoiled NBA man-child hurt his wrist. I mean, fucking yawn. This is a petty reaction to a player who, admittedly, has a hard time following anyone else’s instructions. The public knows it; the organizations know it; the players know it.

NBA players are not the most responsible people. You would, yes, like your franchise (such as it is) to not go out and break his wrist in whatever manner he did it in. But Spree’s going to be out a few weeks. Call him an idiot. Fine him a small amount. Welcome him back into the fold, because this is no morality play.

Fine guys for beating their wives, for being caught with the roach in their car, for embarrassing the organization in strip clubs by tipping poorly. Don’t stand up there, all tight-lipped and tell us that Spree can’t play because he’s been bad. He needs to sit in the corner with his dunce cap on until he learns to play right with the other kids.

Stop hanging your coat up wrong, Latrell. Latrell, stop walking out of line. Latrell, if you don’t come inside and stop chasing those birds, we’re going to fine you for all of your juice and milk and cheese sandwiches and sloppy joes for two weeks!

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