Monday, October 21, 2002

Saturday Recap 10*20*02

For me, it's easy to forget sometimes why this "interpersonal contact" is a little important. Easy to study a little, recline in my basement, watch unending episodes of dating shows and laugh at the foibles of the obnoxious.

Sometimes I come out. That’s what midterms often do. I was preparing for my Saturday midterm, and I thought to myself, I’m going to have to do something after this one. My head was already hurting, I had not slept enough, and I was not ready for that jelly, financial management would not be bootylicious.

Then again, was it really necessary to step out into the night air? When I could go home, sleep, read a book, maybe watch a movie?

But all of that reclusive action makes for more fun when Pico does go out. Because sometimes Pico remembers he was once good for a party, filled with inane conversation, flirty jokes, and a hip swivel that Elvis jacked from the immortal Pico Dulce.

I digress. I’d like to thank everyone I came across for an evening that was fun as hell. For no good reason. I discussed my burgeoning rap career, was reacquainted with a pair of very cool ladies I met last year, and much like Ice Cube, I didn’t even have to use my A-K. I stepped out to Gulshan’s to play (sir, you are going to get the goofiest mix you’ve ever received) and I must say, if you haven’t been to Gulshan’s parties after hours, then you haven’t been. See, other people start kicking people out and go to sleep around 4. Not this homie, aw naw. I think it’s cool that I left at 5.45 and got home quickly. By subway. I was home a little after 7, and after I slept past my bus stop.

Marla, you shoulda stayed. It was silly. I discovered things about potato chips I never wanted to know-- but I did feel looser when I got home.

Enough of this semi-cryptic babble. I close by also thanking Amanda, Stinky, Mike, Alex, Julia, Jenna, Ashrita, Alissa, Schnapp, Hayley, Cesar, Victor, the two guys from G’s building, one of whom hung out in his diagonally striped tie, and last and certainly not least Gulshan’s roommate Heather the Floridian. Good Times!

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