Thursday, October 24, 2002

Now, the Mets Have Hired Art Howe…10.24.02

The NY Metropolitans, Apu's favorite squadron, have been chassing the base-tossing Lou Piniella up and down in the papers. And the Seattle Mariners, where he is currently a manager (but has asked out of his position to be on the east coast) have basically put up the prison style glsss wall between he and the Mets. No conjugal visits, Lou.

Now, Lou has an offer from the woeful Tampa Bay Devil Rays (sports fans, you want to read that link). Which he might accept. This is, by the way, indication that he is senile. I have no idea what compensation the Ray-Rays could have come up with, since they can't field a major league team... but Lou wants 'em, and the Mets have moved quickly to unofficially hire Art Howe.

Maybe Art Howe is too mild mannered. And why did the Oakland A’s let him go anyway? Will this be a disaster? Who’s to say. But I think a calming presence might be good in a Met clubhouse tired of Bobby Valentine’s self-promoting yammering next to Steve Phillips’ self-promoting yammering.

Maybe this team needs a kick in the ass, but they should be adult enough to play for themselves-- Mo Vaughn and Mike Piazza should be doing the talking--

But maybe only in my dream world….

I hope the best for Art, because he couldn’t do worse than last year’s Mets.

Besides, how important is this in a world where Kangol's web site is asking me the salient questions concerning our western democracy?

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