Saturday, October 12, 2002

I'm Absent Again 10.12.02

It is not, again, a good idea to go out and drink until 3 AM and then plot out "homeworks" or "memos." Thing is, we don't have to worry about such foolishness like lack of inspiration, or an inability to write. I am well versed in bullshit. I can write WHILE sleeping. I'll show you sometime, ladies, if you come over my house with a bottle of wine and a dirty mind.

What I do lack today is the internal control to not tell people where to go, where to get off, and where to stick the rats they find there.

Also, slight hangovers, lack of sleep, and an urge for cheese laden chips can only lead a man to one thing-- college football. The knowledge that Texas and Oklahoma are strapping it on and the big uglies are swapping some paint, in the words of Keith Jackson. I want to be splayed on a couch with chips at arms' length, and my feet up, a blanket around me, and my hand deep in my pants. I want to be too tired to turn off a West Virginia or Ohio State game, which invariably will be uninteresting.

I want my Saturdays back!!

Instead, I have accounting.

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