Monday, June 23, 2003

Walking Away 06.23.03

This is not about a love ballad featuring a conglomerate of your favorite heavy metal artists, this is about how much I am going to Armando Benitez’ house, to offer him place tickets to Kansas City or Cleveland or somewhere I won’t have to see him pitch again. Because a major leaguer should not walk four batters in a row. Especially when he is a closer and his team has scratched and f**king clawed to win their game against the personification of baseball evil, the New York Yank-Deez.

I thought I could write this but I am a little upset. Perhaps I shall go out and enjoy the sudden summer warmth. But, again, what happened to spring? Did we do something wrong, O Lord? Is this a leveling for the pleasant post 9-11-01 weather we had last winter?

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