Tuesday, June 24, 2003

On Saturday Night... 06.24.03

J-Rich and Rizza reverted to some kind of form, tossing a drink on one, water on the other. We were in the middle of Ace Bar. Selvadurai and Silver and Eben playing pool. I was maybe at the time talking to Noelle, 31, from Jamaica, QNS then Westchester, talking her out of putting her pointy shoes up Eben's ass because I felt his pain ("but a beer over his head? That's good when he gets cheeky," I said). Someone was pinching my ass. I was adjusting my headband and happy to not be a wallflower on this day. Sammy and I even got into a quick almost-kciking confrontation and no one got hurt.

And there is J-Rich, standing up as if she's peed herself, hands waving as if she can make them dry with a couple of sharp movements. Rizza, laughing, shocked, laughing, leaning back in the booth because, well, she's a little tore. We, in control of the back of the bar.

A good visit, J-Rich. Next up, in a month-- Nate and J-Feis.

This weekend-- me and Selvadurai versus 30 kids in a camp. We're so ready.

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