Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Send A Chill Up Your Spine Like An Eskimo 06.10.03

While on the bus, next to a woman whose cell-phone conversation with her two or so men penetrated my headphones (I was listening to Camp Lo and Nice N’ Smooth’s Hip-Hop Junkies), whose voluminous thighs reverberating with her emphatic smacks on knee, I thought long and hard about writing the most boring blog I could, because I am curmudgeonly like that.

Nothing magical happened today. Besides of course my new sunglasses. I could lie to you, which was my other thought for a blog, or speculate on the coming weekend or include the Shiv like she’d like me to, or rave about how the Knickers are apparently once again looking to take players who are three apples high, or stiff no-talent American centers, but I need to make some edits to a story. Rest up, little ones.

Also, the summer preview will be modified, with some additions from Gurnifer.

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