Thursday, June 19, 2003

Etheridge 06.19.03

After handing Gurnifer some writing to review/ edit, and eating the hugest “slice” of apple pie I have ever seen (I want to see the over that produced that slab of fresh-baked goodness), I had the pleasure of a beer with Anna Y., and the extreme pleasure of standing outside of Pixel’s apartment, beginning a serenade of Melissa Etheridge’s hit, “Come to My Window.” Loudly, out of tune; but I didn’t see if the kids at the local bar were horrified. (What’s going on at the beginning of her Flash intro?)

Two asides. I also pulled a Pixel when my ass missed her chair. There was crash and calamity and laughter and my ass bruised on the ground and my arm scraped. Second, I completely whiffed on Mr. Conroy’s going away gathering. I am a heel.

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