Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Vigging in Da Crates 06.18.03

I will say this—Ruby has an excellent, almost elephantine memory, and she possesses the graceful fluidity of a gazelle. This is of course more apparent when she is DJ’ing at the Vig Bar vs. when she is partying at the Vig Bar; she can pirouette from behind the booth and into a seat with a laugh, spirit away after some quick words and then return.

A good time because all things came together last night. I played awful (as opposed to horrendous) softball. I botched a grounder in short center, made two over throws that led to two runs, and made a snap throw that was on line but too weak to nail the runner coming home. All that countered by a solid outfield assist to second, a backing up catch, and a hard single aimed at the pitcher’s kneecap. And though we got mercy’d out (11-0, called in the 4th inning) I had a surprisingly okay power display when we practiced batting afterwards.

I went by Gully’s and he was having heated foreplay with his new iPod. And down to the Vig Bar where Ruby spins the rock and roll Tuesday nights. That’s not a shameless plug. We caught Mr. Raycroft trying to leave, something about “sleep.”

Ha. No sleep for him, or Nicky Marie either, who stopped by to say good by or good night. It was kind of like being tucked in to sleep, really. I'm going to invite Nicky Marie over to read bedtime stories.

Best of all, I took a cab 10 blocks (my hamstrings hurt. I was really late. Shove off.) and upon cab entry, I saw a fleck of green that turned out to be a $5 dollar bill on the real, as the Luniz would say. Free cab ride!

*Shameless Plug*

Monday night, June 30th, at the Verlaine 110 Rivington Street, Ruby will be spinning the rock and roll.


*End Shameless Plug*

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