Saturday, June 21, 2003

Bed-A-Bye 06.21.03

Woke up this morning in a different bed, watching the rain hit the window, wondering whether I should make the attempt, go to the Mermaid Parade. It is fricking nasty out there. But then again, that’s simply the first impression. It’s really not that bad, a little wet, but nothing coming down.

But y’all want to know about the different bed. Well. Last night Arroz sprang the surprise of the year on his girl, Rizza, flying out our friend J-Rich, completely unbeknownst to the Riz. So you know—we all know Riz through J-Rich, and J-Rich goes way back with her like child seats. We fetched Rich from the airport and out to wher Riz works in saintly Long Island. And Rizza let out a scream the likes of which has not been heard on the north shore since the Kennedys were frolicking in Connecticut and the nuns were watching in the telescope from Cold Spring Harbor, doing biological research—but I digress. Y’all want me to get back to where I awoke.

We sang, we danced, we ate, we drank, we came up with the cure for the common cold, we rassled. Affordable Justice is in town, a record release party for the Recoys. So we popped up there and once Arroz and Justice started spinning their set, the fine ladies behind the Greenpoint bar shut ‘em down. Eh.

This would be a good time to comment on being in a place where all the boys + girls are from Ohio/ Arizona/ Illinois/ Kentucky/ New Jersey, with greased down hair and slim clothing that highlights their lack of a good feeding, and how I try not to go to those places, feeling out of place, not interested in the goings-on. But y’all want to know about the different bed.

Then we went to the palatial penthouse estate of Mr. Charming and Sammy, picking up brews, chips, chocolate along the way—and proceeded to act like college kids. In a grow’d up apartment. The crew was myself/ Selvadurai/ Sammy/ Charming/ Arroz/ Eben/ Pixel, and we took it back to the old school. Though Sammy and I didn’t kick each other once in the evening, Selvadurai didn’t go to college with us, I wasn’t coming in from some fraternity house, Eben wasn’t off doing art, Charming wasn't out being a rock star, and Pixel wasn't but a speck in her daddy’s—but I digress.

My fave was the comment about the Helen Keller moment, truly truly classy.

The war of attrition and the upcoming mermaid parade led to Pixel’s car, Arroz’ whip (by that I mean car. I don’t want anyone confused out there. You with me?), Selvadurai and Eben going back to wherever they came from, and I ended up in the guest room. Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeping. And thinking, wow, I could just sleep, instead of going home (turns out I didn’t even have to do that. Capital.) and I could have enjoyed the stupid dream that I was having that involved Gully and some vintage cars we were trying to get out of a garage.

I guess you expected something smutty. Well, I will say this—dear Pixel has a great “just woke up” voice. All gravelly and sweet. Hells yeah. Plus, watching videos at Sammy + Charming’s introduced me to the new BeyoncĂ© video. I have no idea how the song goes. But that was a religious experience. I have to go wipe the drool.

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