Sunday, June 08, 2003

In Our Time of Library 06.08.03
--A Letter from Gurnifer to Shev--

hi shev,

i'm here with [Pico] in the main library's main reading room. i can't believe i haven't been here in so long, maybe a year, because it really is one of the most beautiful places in new york. it's perpetually gray these past many days, but i'm trying to embrace the gray and the rain, because it leaves beautiful things in its wake, like grass that's no longer green or even bright but fluorescent. so the grass is kind of our new sun, i guess, for it's unbelievable bright and strains the eyes, but you just want to keep staring at it forever, just as when the sun does finally appear for a brief day, and it hurts our now unaccustomed eyes.

my best to you and i hope all's well out west....i wish [Pico] and i could fly there this minute, but for now, here's an e-hug!

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