Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Private Eyes Are Watching You 03.26.03

(from monday evening)

Sometimes they had all the soul of a skyscraper. And when bands rehash their hits, they often forget the pop hooks and incorporate their supposed musical talent, in an effort to remind you that they are trained musicians and not monkeys with a catchy hook + chorus.

But Hall and Oates live, with call in requests at John Jay College? Hotness. One of those requests is from Carly Simon on a houseboat in the Atlantic? Sweet! Thank you A&E, for collecting a roomful of dorks in their mid-30's and thanks to me for being the same complete dork.

Because then they whip out Me and Mrs. Jones - not the Counting Crows song, the Billy Paul original, also covered by Marvin Gaye - and they get all into their Philly sound and their Apollo soul and break it on down. I go on the record, some if it was awesome.

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