Monday, March 17, 2003

After the Party is the Hotel Lobby 03.17.03

So, here’s the thing-- I won’t sum up this party. I feel the need to “protect the innocent.” Except I will say that I hope that everyone was okay; there was dancing; I ended up flashing my underwear; and people fell sideways to the floor. So I guess that the party was some kind of rousing thundering puke inducing success.

I spent my five waking hours on Sunday on my back watching basketball and learning about the teams that got into the NCAA tournament, and shaking one small fist at the selection committee which gave Boston College the selection dill.

I am also glad the David Bianculli of the NY Daily News saw what I saw when he turned on All-American Girl, a show with less direction than Baywatch:

As on "American Idol," the judges get more screen time than the contestants; Gerri Halliwell seems to be channeling the spirit of Paula Abdul, perhaps secretly aware that were she and the four other former Spice Girls to enter a talent competition, few would make it out alive.

This contest is absurd. It's bad television, except in the one segment where it was so blatantly sexist and demeaning it was almost amusing. Making the young women wear bikinis, then scamper through an obstacle course that had them swimming, crawling on their bellies and running through a field of tires was jiggle TV at its most absurd and dehumanizing.

Post-Script: Dave, Sam, the musical gifts were dope.

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