Saturday, March 15, 2003

The Joyface Invasion 03.15.03

The mother grabbin' Ides of March. The hotsteppin' day of the party. The night Gully + myself put kids in a packed situation, turn the music on, lube it up with beers and hard drinks, and watch the chaos. I think we're addicted to the motion of a party; we could have had a pleasant dinner, or just had a few beers with a few friends. Instead we've invited people we haven't seen in a year, cleared out his apartment, and got ready to throw the early contender for bash of the year-- I'll tell you how this jammie goes.

The playlist will include some of tonight's hits... including the Isley Brothers and Frankie Beverly.

I write this while drinking a Cranberry Apple Raspberry beverage, which we will nickname "CrApby."

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