Friday, March 14, 2003

City Council 03.14.03

Now, this shit makes me sick (It should be the cartoon from today’s NY Post). And this is a simple reminder of how we have mixed our brown protagonists in the zealous push to a quick and televisable war.

Before this continues-- why March 17th? Doesn’t Bush like basketball? Why must you do this during the NCAA tournament? How about in May when the fun of opening day baseball has worn off, but before the NBA playoffs get really interesting? Why not in January and February, when we’re bored? This is obviously an attack to distract us, so we can time this bad boy whenever we like. So, how about we put it off until after Oklahoma wins the national championship?

Back to that aforementioned shit. So, this cartoon intimates that airplane suicide bombers have something salient to do with Iraq-- the slippery assertion that no one has actually proved. That Iraq is poised for aggressive action. That Iraq was behind that. That if we don’t do something, the crazy brown Allah freaks are gonna get the drop on us. Okay. Sure.

Liberal or not, wouldn’t one think that the non-governmental district/ city that was victimized by the attacks would have a strong urge to see those who did it punished? Or is it assumed that we, like Elizabeth Smart, that New York is drugged out and brainwashed to identify with our attackers?

Or that, even worse, that representative government thing sometimes means that the voice of the “people” is sometimes heard?

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