Tuesday, December 03, 2002

Jade 12.3.02

My lord, the most adorable curly-haired woman is sitting behind me in this computer lab. I mention that because this place is empty, the streets are lonely, the event line a/k/a the home phone ain’t ringing in repeat and echo.

We are in the hibernation period—the wintry time when you, and I, and our friends start thinking that it’s a great time to stay in and watch the latest J-Lo movie wherein she plays an Italian woman with a father from the old country. Or Scary Movie for the fourth time, because you just got digital cable (the wonders of living at home—thanks, papa!). Or questionably “cool” drug movies with Jared Leto and Selma Blair and John C McGinley with shoulderblade-length braids talking about weed in Sacramento. And I just found out they were going cross-country to attend a vigil for Kurt Cobain... hmm...

It is that cold outside. The conversion from cold weather night to heated bar, with the requisite dump-of-coat in a corner, with sweater atop, with hat and gloves and scarf adorning that mass, seems less appealing with every degree the windchill drops.

Meanwhile, I am worrying about a management project. One where I feel like I am not doing enough. In part, it’s because there isn’t anything to do. In part because, honestly, management innovation doesn’t stir my coffee cup on the regular. As a side bar, this does.

I stay up and worry about these things, about pulling my weight.

When I forget the important things—to think about the effects of Jim Thome on the NL East baseball hierarchy; to admire beautiful women in public, preferably with my tongue out cause chicks love that shit; to do some editing on my novel; to live more like a dirtball; to relax, because eventually, you’ve done everything you can do and you can’t press more and get a return out of it.

Maybe I don’t worry enough, hmm?

I promise sports talk and political talk, soon.

I'll leave you with a classic Robbie Williams quote, what a scamp that fellow is!! "the reason i'm doing you is 'cause your friend said no," from Forever Texas.

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