Friday, December 27, 2002

Hiding. 12.27.02

I have been in a silo. On a desert island. Stuck in the muck. Deep in my basement. Rolling with the homies. Okay, I have been sleeping and playing video games and sitting on my ass. And I am going to do it some more. Once I feel a little better. Hopefully there will be more entries before the New Year's bonanza. Unitl then, chew on this cake:

From the EURweb:

SNOOP BOWL GOES WELL Doggy done did it now.

We just know they were having themselves a good ol' fashioned time down at the inaugural Snoop Bowl last week. MTV reports WC shouted from the sidelines: "The police is gettin' their ass whooped. Finally, y'all on the other end of the stick."

Snoop Dogg, who has certainly clashed with authorities a few times over the years, settled the score last Thursday at Long Beach City College's Veteran Stadium, where his All-Stars beat the Inland Empire Police Department Enforcers 33 to 21. And the D-O-Double-G left the game a hero, not only for organizing the event, but for scoring six of the Snoop Dogg All-Stars' points and entertaining players on both teams with his touchdown dance.

"It was a tight dance, I'll give him that," said Levi Baker, a lineman for the Enforcers. After catching a slant in the center of the end zone, Snoop got down on his knees, put his hands behind his head as his teammates "frisked" him and then motioned as though he were being handcuffed.

"It's all out of love," said WC, the self-proclaimed Ghetto Heisman winner who performed at halftime. "All the funds are going to charity, and I'm loving it. Everybody's supporting the community. A lot of kids are out here. It's great."


November is official Hip-Hop month for NY State. According to reports out of, the New York State Senate recently passed the Hip-Hop History Month resolution, proclaiming November the official month to celebrate Hip-Hop history in the state of New York. The bill was sponsored by State Senator Pedro Espada, Jr. and had Zulu Nation founder Afrika Bambaataa as a powerful backer. It was passed by both the Democrats and Republicans.

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