Thursday, December 05, 2002

What University is About... 12.5.02

This is the way it should be. Walking to class in a falling down snowstorm. Slipping in the snow, looking at kids just waiting for enough snow for an impromptu snowfight before class. NYU kids, y'all must have had it lovely in January of '94 and Jan of '96. I am sure there are other snowfalls (there was an April one I'd heard about) but those are the two I experience.

In 1994, in high school. After about ten days of ice storms and n'or'easters, with the trees dangling icicles, shimmering in the light; with students and teachers alternately staying home, meaning a month of not-quite-class; after telling my mother that I have the agility of a panther, and that I never never slip,

there I go falling on my ass and sliding most of the way down the driveway and almost into the street. I made a good toboggan.

In 1996, the classic Skalars/ Bigger Thomas/ In-Steps/ Scofflaws show at the Wetlands also featured a foot of snow-- but the brave came out. And the brave, including my high school friends, leaped and jumped over snowdrifts and tossed snowballs at each other, since it took an hour to walk a few blocks.

The night of the crips is soon to return.

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