Monday, December 16, 2002

Wit's Beginning? 12.16.02

So, it is almost New Year's. High time for us to get our plans in order. Time to think about people we'd like to kiss at midnight. And other people we'd like to recline with in a "I did what/who on New Year's?" A time to end the night singing Hall & Oates or Squeeze or "Total Eclipse of the Heart" at top volume while human flotsam lie prone about our beer-soaked feet.


This is also the time of year where (instead of studying for my statistics final) I am making pancakes and thinking of lists I could make, best of the year, top tens of the year, that sort of thing. Now, I know you people out there. Y'all are mad crafty, crazy witty, just itching to give some input. Am I right? Don't even contradict me to be funny. Please. I'll come right through that computer screen with my kilt + sandals + porn star bib and show you the business!

So look out for some lists in the next two weeks. If there is a list you'd like to see, email me at

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