Thursday, December 05, 2002

Night of the Crips 12.5.02

Okay, back to the cripple night. Quicker than you'd like, I know, this has never happened to me before. When people say that, are they also including their experiences with the magazines and videos they buy in the brown paper bags? I wonder. Cause it's never happened to me before.

Neither had the night of the crips. But baby, but I'll do the best I can in describing it to you.

There is the most not-quite-cute couple in front of me. They are very bony-chinned and sharp-nosed and thin-lipped, I can evaluate that much. Sorry, I had to point that out, because for God's sake, I think they're technically necking. Their necks are twisting together. This is straight wierd.

But I'll rewind this trick capsule about two weeks or so to my Tuesday. November 19th. I was working with my management group, we were haggling about this or that. I stood to put something in the trash. Most of me was cool with that but a twinge on the left side of my knee was a dissenter. It was all like, youse a bitch, n***a. Now, I dont' tolerate that kind of backtalk from my joints and muscles so i was like, don't make me come back there and whup up on ya.

I had been sitting in one position for a while and I thought, oh, I should have been moving my legs or something. Whatever. I had been swimming for a few weeks, getting back into shape. swimming hard. Feeling the benefits. For anyone who has seen me topless (yeah. At the club, wise ass.) I was getting "muscle" and "increased definition." The cool thing about swimming is that it doesn't give you man-titties.

What the rass? The liberry closing? Summabitch. I'll take you back to the crips in a couple of hours. Wish me and my legs luck in the slipping snow.

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