Tuesday, December 17, 2002

Showed You Stars You Never Could See 12.17.02

Me, my big ass pimple, and my overweening vanity stepped out last night, courtesy of the pimpin’ styles of Arroz the Rice-A-Homie. I walked out of a statistics test with my head in the air and some funk on my feet. Checked my shirt to see that it was properly out of my pants, my cuffs undone, my eyes almost covered by the floppy grey hat. Shoes mad shiny. The weight of statistics translated into a trickling sarcasm.

Hell yeah. I was straight. Time for the yearly 40 Acres premiere party.

This one was for the movie “25th Hour,” starring Ed Norton. And if it wasn’t for that blamed Stats test I would have been up in that piece watching the movie too. Now, the thing is, I don’t consider myself a fame whore. I don’t usually go around drooling and fawning because someone is on television or on the silver screen. There are a few people who come off as the cutest, though, and some of them were striding out of the Ziegfeld Theatre at 10.30 pm last night. I watched them come out as I applied vaseline to my lips and held my coat tight to my chest.

Al Roker isn’t the cutest but that’s funny as hell. The woman who plays Lila on the TV show “Angel” was all over the premiere and the party. Dave Chapelle, Lisa Ling (yumm…), Ed, Selma Hayek, Rosario Dawson (again, yumm...), Philip Seymour Hoffman, Annabella Skinny-orria, Tony Siragusa and two of his chins.

Et cetera. Looking back on those cheap thrills, I was much more elated by the food/ likker/ bad music that covered the museum in Chelsea where this event was held. So much freestyle, so out of time. But I let the l’il freak out the box a bit, thanks to Kiri and Imana and Brandon and John and Tara and of course, the Rice-A-Homie and the Flower Girl. The floor was slippery and the slide steps were working; the knees and hamstrings held up; it was on like Donkey Kong.

We rode back to Bklyn in a cab, rehashing the movie and the night, with a lot of love in the cab. Even the driver was a good guy, chillin', chatting with us, almost pulling the Flower Girl along before she stepped inside.... It was funny at the time.

It’s too bad I got to be up in this computer lab working on statistical output very, very, very slowly.

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