Saturday, November 30, 2002

Stick To It 11.30.02

My fingers hurt. The 50,600 words are posted to the NaNoWriMo site (you can read what I have put up, more to come), which is not to say that the novel is anywhere near done. But I wanted to say hello again, and get acquainted with the Pico blog, this method of daily postings. My throat hurts. USC is kicking the living crap out of Notre Dame. I could have guessed that.

For last night, where eight people sat in the back of a bar filled with hip hop and cool people posing at one another, and undid the cool with fart talk and oral sex talk at top volume. For that, and for one specific conversation, I would like to post this-- "you can fuck my body baby. But don't fuck my mind," -the Afghan Whigs, "Neglekted."

Man, I have been writing some lunatic crap in this blog. I almost feel the need to apologize. I will apologize with poorly thunked out and manic slices of daily pie, translated into electronic wording. No more of this, the Nets are laying the smack down on the Blazers, and I need to call Pavel in Cali.

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