Monday, November 18, 2002

Coxswains at Night 11.17.02

Interesting. I seem to have run out of words, in a sense. I am thinking much of things like essay writing and my novel, but I have an inability to fill this blog with words.

I attribute this to a sudden realization that, since I do not see people-- grad-school people don't count, I don't know them so well, we're in the same sinking boat and I think they would be a little more skittish if I was the... ah... goofier part of myself. The more manic part.

Before going back to how I do not see people, I want to talk about the urge to talk shit, curse excessively, and lie to people for fun. These are generally considered antisocial traits-- I don't know why, they've made me acquaintances for many years!!!! But friday was the first day of presentations for my Managing Public Service organizations class. Two groups presented. Neither of them had me in it. So I was a mellow fellow, this Pico, so chill I should have been playing Coleco.

Other people were not. Take, for example, a little person with the last name "Tiger." I shit you not. What a hot last name to have. Think of that-- Pico Dulce Tiger. What a name that would be.

Anyway, ten minutes before class starts, I know I need some caffeine. I run into classmate Dara. I have the urge to call her "the sweetest thing." I think she thinks I am funny but mysemi-sarcasm probably pushes it. If there's one thing you learn from a management class, it's that it is a good thing to have allies. She'll count for now.

So we walk outside into the wind and it's a pretty day, the kind of day that gets Pico's blood flowing and his heart racing and his brain a-thinking mischief. Pico sees Ms. Tiger walking up, a little worried and hurried. Obviously, she is worried about class and is all the more confused when she sees two of her classmates (yours truly and Dara) walking in the opposite direction of class-- we were in search of coffee and a newspaper. And he thinks, such a young person should not wear the worries of the world on her face, for it is only class! I shall amuse her with misdirection and wit!

Lacking a top hat, handkerchief, doves, or gloves, I used my mouth and told her straight-faced that class was cancelled.

I think I saw her heart stop momentarily.

Oh, she laughed, but she was totally like hella super freaked y'all. O-mi-Gawd!

I thought perhaps it was just her; but Dara thought it was funny on the risque side and when I told the Noemi next to me, she whispered that I was mean. Sigh. What can ya do? This is the essence of my sense of comedy.


I will sob myself to sleep and get back to work in the morning; from South Illadelph to my bedroom shelf, this is Pico signing off.

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