Tuesday, November 05, 2002

From the Rice-A-Homie In Response - Have You Voted Yet? 11.05.02

Dinosaur hunters everywhere, unite!
This is Shoulder Logan, renowned Paleolithic Predator and Menace of the
Mesozoic. I am in search of a few intrepid travellers to join me on my next
foray into the ancient lands, little experience necessary, though it would
be helpful if you had some skill in the following fields:
* Gatling/Chain-gun operation
* Air-to-Ground missile targeting systems programming
* Beef Jerky cookery
* Panama Hat Millinery
* Carabiner forging
* A rope skills merit badge
* Excellent command of facial muscles such that a cool looking grimace of
resolve can be realized in the face of massive,
stampeding thunder lizards
* Most importantly, you need to be in good enough shape to make a loincloth
look as natty as your sunday best!
That's really all for now. You can contact me for further details with a
simple reply. Only those with true grit need apply.
Shoulder Logan
Dinosaur Slayer

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