Monday, December 13, 2004

updates, the quick 12.13.04

the holiday bazaar at minisink went decently, we could have had more foot traffic. the vendors/ entrepreneurs were satisfied, and we (okay, they-- i'm pretty much done with my work for the non-profit already) learned a lot for next year's attempt at a holiday fair.

the space however... wouldn't use it again. i chose the spot because we were in a crunch and all of our other spaces had fallen through. but something just didn't sit right the whole time. perhaps it was the basketball floor that was covered in strips of black plastic matting, matting that buckles and leaves gaps and moves with the motion of feet and tables-- creating the kind of gaps that trip elderly women.

perhaps it was the fact that we had been promised 2-3 people to set up our event for us, but walked in to find that not only had the tables not been set up, they had not been brought down, and only one man was working in the whole place. a sweaty and strained hour later, the other man who works at the non-profit, myself, and tyrone at minisink had brought in enough tables (and half tables, and small tables) to cover our vendors' needs.

or perhaps it was the discovery that the spot didn't have all 40 long tables we had been promised. and the tables that were available were located in the basement and the second floor for a ground floor event. hence the aforementioned sweat. and this seems to be a systematic problem-- tyrone told us that the man we had made the arrangement with often over-promises equipment and such that the facility doesn't have, or doesn't have available.

it was spacious, and we didn't have to take anything down, but still...

i will update you on carrie k and paradise hotel dave's party in a day or so but i will tell you that bacon was sizzlin'. i don't think either eats bacon, though.

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