Thursday, December 02, 2004

but pico, we all have a "friendster is awesome" story 12.2.04

but i got an email from my old peer counseling friend emily, back when i was the warm and fuzzy head of a team of warm and fuzzies. i was the co-coordinator of the school's peer counseling group. i know you're imagining the damage i could inflict on my fellow high schoolers, the perverse leering-- but i am a sweet, gentle, kind young man. i was even more so as a high school senior. a patron saint of the disaffected. a warm heart in a cold cold world. a shining light-- let me stop.

but every time i would think i should stop encouraging people to get in touch with their feelings, or telling them that they will be all right; or every time i thought i would never make it to college, that i would be an abject failure, there was emily. who would simply have faith that i couldn't suck at what i set my mind to.

hopefully i will get to hang out with emily. she is superspectacular.


neverecho said...

once i had a "friendster is awesome" story, too, but then it turned into a "i wish i'd never sent that fucking friendster message to that person i knew once upon a time" story. but i'm sure that won't happen to you.

heathalouise said...

I may end up doing my dissertation on Friendster. I only wish I were joking...