Saturday, December 11, 2004

raspberry raspberry 12.11.04

today is the holiday bazaar -- i have been helping with the planning of this thing for the past couple of months and it's exciting to see if it pops off. the non-profit hopes it goes well; they do business services and loans for small businesses and this should be a chance for said small businesses to see that together they're heavy. i hope it goes well if for no other reason than to justify the 2-3 hours of my life i listened to this old ass fool tell me about his barbecue style and how people from different african nationalities are a certain way.

(if you're in the area, 142nd street and lenox avenue, minisink townhouse-- we'll be inside)

michael-- i ran into your lady, whatshername. i mean... damn, whatshername? meghan's friend-- abby. yes, abby. she has a grey streak in her hair and it's lovely, she is planning on going to graduate school in creative writing, and she doesn't read your blog. i suppose that means she don't read mine, so i can safely say that when i shuffled off the subway, weighted down by my laptop-in-backpack, i wasn't clamoring for more time with those ladies.

time to finish my lovely dinner of ham and mustard on onion bagel and get my five hours sleep. at the end of tomorrow i hope to tell you about how i dropped it like it's hot with the help of caroline k (roley on the arm), heather (pouring chandon), and morgan (my best weed), and craig (got it going on).

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monkistan said...

weird, people used to say that I looked like the northern exposure guy, but I can totally see how craig does more.