Thursday, December 30, 2004

queen says don't stop me now. 12.30.04

before we enter the ought-nickel, i think we should take a moment and reflect upon the past year, set up resolutions for the next, and think about standardizing a national curriculum that reminds people about that whole "church and state" thing and the whole "why the wacky puritans sailed the ocean blue" and the whole "reading the effing constitution" thing--

sorry. no, that's not today's topic. it's all about the party; starting with paradise hotel dave's tonight. and pixel's tomorrow. and el-d's party, and g-ball's affair, and the rocker greenberg's, and maybe affordable justice's evening of rock and roll--

too many choices.

the important thing, as always, is to be with good friends when the year turns over, and to have a bangin' ass time, letting yourself say all the silly things you've been thinking sans a cover charge or therapy fee. for me, new year's involves staying up all night; i've done it for probably ten years straight and i see no reason to stop now. whether my make-out tradition happens is another matter; while enjoyable, the new year's kiss is not an absolute requirement. without the kiss, in fact, the evening is lighter and more carefree and y'all know i am lying my ass off right?


but i should see many of the friends-- gully, silver, nathan, j-fieser, pixel, gurnifer, and of course rini, of course!; maybe raycroft, nicky marie, and rou-rou, holiday and arroz, affordable justice and garth, abberts and g-ball, nascar and eben, misanthrope and anna-lu, electric erica and fuzzy sweater, schnapp, and everyone else who is in town (hetha? mike?).

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