Friday, December 17, 2004


answers to the questions. please, ask some more below. and dani-- breathless is one of my favorite movies.

to silver/ monkistan:

p.s. we all know aspen extreme is secretly the greatest peter berg movie of all time i don't care what he directs or stars in.

1)If cats can climb tree, and monkees can climb trees, why don't I know where to go tomorrow.
2)Why is it sunnier in the winter than in spring.
3)Would I be taller?

1. because you have been staring at a computer all day + you have an opposable thumb and no tail. i mean it, you need butt implants.

2. the spring brings rainy weather patterns to the east via clouds. water starts to heat and rises into the cold part of the atmosphere where it freezes and melt, and becomes engorged sun obscuring clouds. there is less to fall in the winter; it takes a little moderate "warmth" (high 20's- 30's) to generate clouds and snow. here.

3. if you thought taller, sammy davis jr.

to neverecho:

p.s. why you gotta be right? and where's the book for me, "she's that into you?"

1. Will you find me a cute sweet boy to kiss?
2. How would you describe me to your friends?
3. Do you think you'll ever really leave new york?

1. possibly, possibly not. you are your own agent in the attempt to make out. and if you will not use whiskey based sedatives, i can't promise anything. and sweet? that's hard to find. except in me, of course.

2. smart, sweet. cute. nice eyes. talks in a cutesy voice so she can insult you. brown. huggable.

3. yes.

to greg:
these are some good ol' questions. and the reverend horton heat? a blast from the past!

1. How much did your novel resemble your own life?
2. In which red state would you most likely want to live, and why?
3. What do you want to accomplish by the time you turn 30?

3. the novel has to come in part from my life and my experiences-- i'm not that inventive, really. this one has elements of my life, twisted a bit. the heart of it is a frustration and loneliness of new york, especially when a person arrives here, and that is very much from me. the reactions (and the stuff i am going to add to the novel over break) are more allegory than reality.

3. tough question. but i am always thinking of moving. i know missouri from school (so likely not) and i'm always curious about texas. but i have always liked arizona, enjoyed my week there, and may look for jobs there while in the southwest (hopefully) in march-- wedding with ms. echo, and ncaa basketball tourney watched in sin city (*you should come up for that!)

3. i'd like to find a woman who is that into me. 30's only a year away... so i'd like to have published a story somewhere, finished a novel i am proud of and maybe shopping, paying off my loans, improving my credit. and when i turn 30 i'd like to have a spectacular badass party.

to anna:

1: if you are able to download the song above, will you give me a copy? I can't find it anywhere
2: where do you shop? I love that outfit!
3: who cuts your hair?

1. i certainly will. which anna is this?! who is willie hutch?

2. the lab coat? you'll have to come to florida. it's pretty stylish.

3. me. my shears and a mirror come together to highlight my well shaped head.


Anonymous said...

which Anna is this?! isn't the bone thugs n harmony reference enough? "Give me some of that good old love" is sampled on the latest Masta Ace album, in the beginning. -Anna the hater

neverecho said...

I need to be right for the same reason i need all that attention you didn't give me on saturday. :-)
And thank you for describing me to people so sweetly. And thank you for making my Saturday lots of fun.
I'm going to attempt to take a nap under my desk now.

neverecho said...

oh, and ask megan for the book, i gave it to her.