Thursday, December 30, 2004

notes from a missing week. 12.30.04

now with "click me!" pop-ups!

again, law and order would have been garbage without lenny briscoe. jerry orbach's work was spectacular, because noth and sorvino put me to sleep in the early days of the law and order franchise. i didn't watch. till of course hetha talked it up and i couldn't look away.

last night gurnifer and i had a few beers, starting at some bar next to radio perfecto with 1/2 price drink happy hour -- i think it was b-side, which is not as filthy as citysearch makes it out to sound--and on to lucy's, where we were the first people in the spot.

the bartender had cbs' entertainment shows, the insider and entertainment tonight. before that courageous model who survived the tsunami and before amber frye's outrage that other people would follow her book deal by trying to capitalize on knowing her (amber, i think your book deal made you open season too), each show did a piece on jerry orbach.

gurnifer and i watched sadly. while she never watched law and order previously, i think she'll be hooked when she turns it on to figure out why myself and her father (and liz's father also) are so obsessed with the show. and briscoe's quips. and the sad moment where he walks through the station with his small box of personal belongings, hunched over, his fellow detectives giving him berth.


My sibling is going to dominate south east Queens' rap game. from massachusetts. just letting you know.


echo, i am allergic to nuts. such as almonds. however, small amounts don't seem to bother me as much as they used to, so when i saw the package upon arriving home, i put your lip balm on. it is pepperminty. pretty solid. and my lips haven't blown up like jay-z so i'm straight.


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marge said...

You know Sanjit's supposed to in an episode on Law & Order next year sometime. By the way, he and Deepa are getting married next year too.

neverecho said...

glad you like the lip balm. i think i went a little bit overboard with the peppermint. i stopped being able to smell it after a while and kept adding more - oops! but it's all nice and tingly and i like to pretend that means it's working. anyway, happy new year and such.