Thursday, December 30, 2004

more answers! 12.30.04

if you want to get in on the question asking bit, read a few posts below and ask thre questions, give your suggestions.

for raycroft:

i love little darlings, but i feel dirty watching it. honestly, tatum o'neal and kristy mcnichol are really pretty. and the movie has a grad from my high school, ms. cynthia nixon.

1. What makes Sammy run?
2. Will I actually get my arse out of bed today (gotta love the wireless)
3. Why can't I think of a third question?

1. sammy runs because sammy has legs, verve, and a place to go.

2. yes, because you have to go to the bathroom. and get a fresh drink.

3. because you're poor and thinking of mvp baseball, how you are going to make the paw-sox a minor league powerhouse.

for dave:

good suggestions. i don't know none of that stuff. bollywood westerns? i'm all on it. do you have a copy?

1. what made you want to leave NYC when you were 18?
2. if you were forced to up and leave the lower 48 and never return, where'd you go?
3. and why?

1. at 18 i was sick of one sided arguments with liberals crazier than me. plus i didn't want to go to east coast schools where i would often run into kids from my high school, still competing, still measuring themselves against me. i wanted to be more on my own, to reinvent myself.

2. i like canada. or buenos aires, argentina. maybe spain. maybe sierra leone. never return? let's say argentina.

3. canada b/c i have fam up there and i like toronto and nova scotia; argentina b/c gully sold me on it; spain because i've always wanted to go since i saw a picture in high school that was, i think, a mountain of old gilded cups plus i want to go to san sebastian (thanks, hemingway); sierra leone b/c i have been around many sierra leoneans and i want to see where they come from. but i'd want to return.

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gulshan said...

I have Sholay on DVD, but its currently with my brother on the other coast. If you havent seen it by the time i get it back, you can borrow mine. Or you could have someone Netflix it for you.