Wednesday, April 09, 2003

"We Are Americans! (Don't Blow Us Up!!!!)" 04.09.03

Hey look, ma, the sand n***az are looting! And they're punching pictures of that Saddam guy! I hope he's all blowed up! Then we'll be safe from… you know, sand, and patriotic country songs!

But I am at least buoyed by the idea that the news showed an Iraqi youth plainly stating in English, "f*ck Bush," and that a town in Jersey is putting up black and purple ribbons up instead of yellow, to point out the loss of life incurred during the war.

Then I hear Clint Black singing about being a high tech G.I. Joe.

Later, maybe I'll get you a link and I'll discuss less war, more hatred of my fellow man. Or of specific people.

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