Tuesday, April 29, 2003

True Tomato Panic 04.29.03.

Hells yeah. This weekend, Pico went a searchin’ for that proper budonkadonk to join the brigade. I wish I could tell you that’s true, because it’s better than some of the truth:

Pico’s been doing research and not for his master’s in bedroom philosophies or budonkadonk. But in between reading more about Bill + Hillary’s Health Security Act than Pico cares to, Pico also—

Watched the NFL Draft. Y’all know I’m a sports fan so wipe that look of your faces. Caught up with the marrieds Matt + Angie and Mr. Raycroft over beers that double as weight training accoutrements. Sam Cowart and some of the other Jets showed up and I ain’t shitting you, Joe Namath was in the house;

took hot pictures with New Top and Pixel. The scene was the Pixel pad and some bar near Baraza which is barely worth mentioning, except that it was humid with fraternity men and desperation;

Took a walk with Gully and Nicole through the festival/ DJ set-up in Tompkins Square Park. Nicole commented that the park was filled with dirty people. Either because they’re young/ sweaty/ raver-types/ tattooed/ smoking. Or some other reason. Pico said, “yeeeah,” in a voice deep to send trills up your spine;

Drank one nasty tasting margarita that nevertheless put me down.

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