Tuesday, April 01, 2003

April Ain't No Kind of Fool 04.01.03

+ I think I love, hate, love, hate St. John's basketball. Ho-oly s**t, I love St. John's!!!!!!!

+ I think being on the subway with five baby-faced men in fatigues with assault rifles the size of my neck to ankle is a bit disturbing. Even with Redman bumping in my headphones.

+ When did Bum Fights, as seen on Monday's Boston Public, ABC's Dragnet, and Law & Order: Criminal Intent this season, become a crucial social issue? I've never even heard of such a thing, and I read all the scandal rags. Oh, crap. Here they are.

+ Is Sweet Lou Piniella a genius? Not only did he get the woeful Devil Rays a come-from-behind victory, but now, they're playing the Red Sox hard? And Rey Ordonez hits a home run? Drives in 4 RBI? What did Lou do? That's like me hitting a home run off of major league pitchers.

+ Right now, I'm baking cookies. And you ain't. How 'bout them raisins??

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