Friday, April 11, 2003

Party All The Time! 04.11.03

Aren't you excited? Yes, the rain is falling, dousing, spitting on us here in New York City. It is cold, and damp, and your clothes stick to your skin. Your umbrella turns inside out, your socks squish with your steps. That's fine. Because for those of us who are tired, for those of us who are itching, this is a good sign. Of course not if you are itching from the gonorrhea or the crabbies. Rain won't do anything for you.

I'm talking to the bootycrew. But this is high time that those of us in the booty brigade stop thinking about "why no booty?" and start letting the monkey out. Simply stop thinking and start grabbing biscuits like we were the lost members of Digital Underground, armed with sex packets. Simply stop making sense and start making sex. Ain't no half-steppin'. You heard?

Haylz, the ruling council has decided. You get too much booty to join the brigade. I mean, way too much booty. This isn't a booty enhancement club. This is like a booty training wheels clubhouse.

By the way-- we need a logo and a catchphrase, kids.

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