Thursday, August 11, 2005

Two For the Gallery

1.I am in an office with some attractive young women and something I have become used to is that when an attractive woman walks by, they usually have an attractive scent. Not always cologne—often it’s a lotion or a shampoo or a soap. But it attaches to memory, as scents are supposed to. The women here, however, are scentless. Or maybe I am not leaning close enough. But it makes me want to ask—what are some of your signature/ favorite scents? Or for the fellas, what scents do you like/ remember on people? Like how the Little Brown One often smelled of sandalwood—things like that.


neverecho said...

silly. i use l'occitane lavender soap. i smell relaxing.

liz said...

I like gardenia, but not grandmothery gardenia. also honeysuckle.

eben said...

mustard. i love a lady with a wee bit of mustard on her neck. deli-licios.