Tuesday, August 16, 2005

In Case You Didn’t Feel Like Asking About My Weekend. 8.16.05

Friday night I did karaoke to celebrate Holiday’s leaving. I sang Bobby Brown’s “Every Little Step” and I must have been good because some girl freaked me. And then she spanked my ass raw.

Saturday I played softball. It was 90 degrees. I kept hitting the ball and running; I hit a triple to begin with and by the time I hit a 5th inning double (ok there was an error) I had to ask for time to collect my breath and take off my sweatband which was all sweat and very little band. The players wilted in the 6th. We called the game early.

Went to an afternoon barbecue with the Caribbean students from my former program. Which is cool because I didn’t know any of the Caribbean students in my former program. Hot damn there was some good food and when I have my housewarming party for the apartment I do not yet have, I will have that guy bring in some spicy ass eatin’.

Passed out on Eben’s couch. Met up with Raycroft. All the bars were dead ass empty. No one. Tumbleweed on the floor, dust on the barstools. I passed out there too. It was still sauna humid and Africa hot.

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