Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Hey, I Have To Put Something on the Blog. 8.30.05

I hope Silver’s first day of class was edifying. Because this is exciting, he gets to try something fairly different. Maybe even interesting. Maybe even something he finds worthwhile? But what will we do without the complaints about work or the constant IM’ing?

Meanwhile, I’m all finished with school, complete with degree, out on the job hunt path. And of course I can’t get past the feeling that nothing g much has changed. And I knew that going into school. I wouldn’t be much different (though more mature); I thought I might be armed with more knowledge, of course. Maybe that I would become more of a flaming liberal. But I am still the same. Interviewing.. And I am temping.

I promised not to temp anymore—I don’t get all pent up as some people, calling it soul crushing and talking about my underemployment (I’d rather be eating, thanks). But I did feel that maybe I could that vagabond work past behind me, dedicate to something. But not yet. Now seems to be a hot interview/ hiring period, and that’s good. But I am still here. I said to a fellow temp off hand that I hope to leave after my trip to SD/ LA in the last week of September, and his reply was “I used to think the same thing.” Granted, he’s a writer, but I remember saying the same thing when I was temping back in the day.

It’s not so much about being stuck as it is about being uninspired. And about having not written in weeks. And about many of my people all engaged in school as I was, using that “I have work to do excuse” I so effectively used.

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