Monday, August 22, 2005

This One Needs to Stop Making Friends With Bartenders 8.22.05

a hurried post, i have to get some work done


Friday night I was in search of something to do so I linked up with Lana-P and Jules and their Irish friends. Good kids. The guy and I talked about early to mid-90’s music. We’re old. He likes the Stone Roses which will of course thrill one of my readers. We tried to get into this party but there was a line- a queue as the Irish said—and I left for Billyburg. But not before running into friends from the Wuniversity, Ellie and Jay. Jay still DJ’s. I have to link up with that kid but I have been too lazy to send emails.

In Billyburg I was meeting Distaster Dave—so known because his parties back in the high school were often broken up by cops and/ or bad trips and/or underage girls in compromising positions and other unsavory moments. He keeps hope alive; and Friday was a bar crawl. Which seems ludicrous. But I went. Met up with Dave’s friend Peter. There was jazz, there was a bartender who slipped me a shot of mean, there were more shots, there was rock and roll karaoke, wherein I was rocking out to Fugazi’s Waiting Room.

Also of note was Dave’s friend Katie. Who he was trying to hit on but she seemed to have a lot more interest in me. I thought that would be a dirty move if I tried something right there but we did hit it off… but then I had to leave before I got her number (I don’t know where she got off to).

Also of note is that I have no idea how I got home. I mean, I kind of know—I took the G train towards the LIRR station in Brooklyn but my train-dar effed up and I found myself at the highest elevation in the subways system, Smith-9th Streets. I’m not sure what I did but I found myself on a G train going the other way. And stayed on until Queens. Then I woke up on an E train. Then I got outside and it was morning (makes sense, I left the last bar around 4 AM) and caught a bus. I think.


Saturday I woke up hurting but I got out anyway, met up with Niffer and Rini and we walked up Smith Street. Where we ran into Kandle’s old roommate Rochelle, a couple from the Wuniversity, and Fuzzy Sweater and Jeremy (who are keen on the idea of this weekend’s barbecue/ game day. You will be invited).

I left Niffer’s party for Manhattan to see the Kurtsnoggle, Kristen Pinstripes, Kami, and the birthday girl Southern Yankee Martha. Also there were Lee and my twin Jamie. We invented new dances like the Vietnam and the Dry the Hands. And I re-met Holiday’s old roommate crazy Laura. Who is still crazy but a lot more pleasant. Made friends with the bartender at a cool ass bar called Palais Royale or something—it’s next to Double Happiness—and got bourbon shots. Or maybe only one. And a microwaved White Castle Hamburger that was like heaven.


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neverecho said...

thrilled about the stone roses lover? is that me? or mjr? or do you have other friends who i should be talking to about old skool britpoppish stuff that i haven't met yet?