Monday, August 08, 2005

Five Notes 8.7.05

<>Spent Friday night with mjr and the wondertwin. We drank and talked trash.

<>Missed out on going dancing on Saturday with Cappy and Ali-Pack.

<>Sunday: M.I.A. show. I didn’t like the sound of her—junior league rhymes, a cruddy hodgepodge of garage and grime and dancehall and hip hop and dance pop. Overhyped by MTV. The it-girl that everyone wants to see (what happened to the Arcade Fire?).

But I went, met up with Lana-P and Rinda and her friend Conrad. We got to Summerstage early under partly sunny skies and surrounded by a certain kind of hip kid—the not-so-pretty ones with good clothes and ironic or obscuring haircuts, and lots of Office Space-style “flair.” You know, there but for the grace of a hot body they would be a stripper/ porn star.

On line, right before the floor opened, the fella in front of us realized his friends were never going to reach us. So he opened his bottle of wine to us and became our new buddy. Which started a long afternoon of beer swilling, olive eating, blueberry photographing, thai-stick smoking. Best of all, it was the Summerstage show that was like it was ten years ago. We made friends with a kid from Cali who showed us what medical marijuana looked and smelled like; we met couples; saw friends from the high school; saw some crazy blonde dancing and some ill Latina dancing. And made friends with the guy who gave us the wine.

And M.I.A. was incredible. Energetic, fun, and when I realized that I don’t have to take her seriously, I don’t have to compare her to political artists. I can… just enjoy the music.

I’m all danced out. Lana-P, shuttle them pictures over. I promise not to post any of you.

<>This week, have some temp work. So if you’re wondering why I don’t email you back… that’s why.

<>This week’s Entourage was the best. With the OC’s Melinda Clarke playing the bitchy actress made for a bitchy role… and then gratuitous all-alone dancing the hip hop music. Purr.

Plus: R.I.P. Peter Jennings, the man who, if I remember correctly, was live amongst gang members in Los Angeles during the riots in street clothes and a bulletproof vest. And a shot rang out. He reacted with all the gang members—first a duck and I swear he reached down like he was packing a heater in his waistband. For real. Coolest moment in news in the past 15 years. And seriously, he’s my favorite news anchor (I’m too young for Uncle Walter Cronkite).


neverecho said...

i like that you have an engineers song in the new list, that made me happy.

lana-p said...

normie, i had the best time ever yesterday. and i'm going to shuttle over the pictures, but only if you promise to post the one of you and me. fuschia-liscious.

LittleBrownOne (aka nad nashing) said...

Pico!! They linked to your review over at SepiaMutiny:

I post there as cicatrix. Shh.

Pico said...

if i'd known i would have been linked i would have written more!

littleBrownOne said...

yeah, that's what I thought too :)

littleBrownOne said...

Sounds like you had a great time, though I wish we could have met up there. I didn't know you were going to go.