Friday, October 31, 2003

That Kind Of Day. 10.31.03

As I prepare to face the gauntlet also known as Queens' Finest High School Knuckleheads on my way home, I leave you with the kind of day it's been:

*A pigeon flew into my face. How does that happen? They're city pigeons! They know how to fly low. Is this a visiting country pigeon, here to doo-doo on the parade?

*I stepped on the snout of a seeing-eye dog. Oh, it was an accident but it still has to be karmically bad. I should have known the dog was there, I'd seen it in the same position before.

Side note: Suave Mayor Mike "Pimp O' Da Year" Bloomberg is finally getting to meet J-Lo. If she gets engaged to HIM I won't buy any more of her records. I mean that.

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