Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Tonight, the End. 10.01.03

Tonight is the end of Paradise Hotel, wherein my old high school classmate has made waves built a fan base of reality television watchers. You can read through September and August's archives for some notes on all of that. Come watch the final episode at a bar called Suede, 7pm-11pm, 161 W 23rd St.

and from the EUR:

It's the remix of the adult toy.

*Outkast has an album out that's selling
fast, now they're about to introduce a complimentary
product?! We're not quite clear what's up, but reports that the duo is considering
starting a line of adult toys.
The site went on to say that they didn't know
whether or not the group was serious, but one half
of Outkast, Big Boi, was somewhat descriptive.
Even going so far as to name the first product.
"We should have put it out with this album.
I hope [people] get a lot of enjoyment out of it.
Right at the point where you are about to climax
a beat will play like, ('I'm climaxing')," Big Boi
The product line is strictly for the ladies,
Outkast explained, and they would be available
for 'home testing.' (Okee Dokee.)
We suppose they're following in the footsteps
of Li' Kim. Earlier this year the raptress announced
that she would create a life-size, anatomically correct
blow-up doll. The um, home-enjoyment apparatus
from Outkast would be called the Big Boi 3000.

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