Thursday, October 16, 2003

No, I Promise I'm Coming Back. 10.16.03

Midterms, kids, midterms.

Here's something of note, though, from the EUR. And keep those advice questions coming!

Singer trades sexy moves for Jehovah Witness stroll

*Could you imagine Prince tapping on
your door, bible in hand, with Larry Graham
in tote asking if he can come in and share
some scripture?
Sounds like a bad dream after a late
night of Taco Bell, but that's the latest on
the eccentric entertainer according to UK
Prince has joined Jehovah's Witness and
is spreading the good news everywhere he can.
He was last seen in Eden Prairie, Minneapolis,
on the doorstep of one, identified only as Rochelle.
She said that he turned up and was invited in
along with Larry Graham of 70's group Graham
Central Station, but better known for his solo
debut "One In A Million You." But, soon after
they were invited in, they were asked to leave.
She said, 'I told him, "You know what? You've
walked into a Jewish household, and this is not
something I'm interested in."
Their attempt to spread the word was further
ruined by the Minnesota Vikings game that was
airing on TV at the time of their visit.

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