Friday, October 24, 2003

Would You Like Some Garnish and Bunting, Sir? 10.24.03

An aside—I think it sucks when someone comes up to you in a store, where you are minding your own business, looking around, somewhat knowledgeable, not in need of help, but taking a peek for a specific product. And then they ask you, not yet in your personal space but close, how they can assist you. They take you out of your “get your sales-claws off of me” mode and personally, I know the job can stink, so I am friendly. I ask if they have so-and-so.

And then they know NOTHING of what you’re looking for. It’s like they don’t even work in the store! And then have the audacity to ask you about another product? I could smack fire out of someone’s ass. And I am politely backing up, walking out of the store as they try to engage me, finds out if there is anything else I need, like I am the salesperson’s dream, the willy-nilly know-nothing shopper.

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